Cubitt Fine Jewellery was created with one simple mission: to give you an easy and reassuring way to find antique, vintage and modern pre-owned jewellery. Everything in the collection has been chosen for its classic design, quality of craftsmanship and condition.  Each piece is vetted and tested by a professional gemmologist then professionally cleaned and lightly polished to arrive with you in sparkling condition. Your piece will be delivered in bespoke Cubitt Fine Jewellery packaging and gift wrapping is available too.


Cubitt Fine Jewellery was founded by FGA gemmologist and luxury retail expert Natasha Cubitt: here she explains her inspiration and the motivation behind its creation…

To me, owning beautiful pre-owned jewellery makes perfect sense. It has inherent value, delivers daily joy, is the ultimate recycling and can last forever.

The spark that lit my love of old jewellery occurred twenty years ago with a ring found at a Birmingham antiques fair. This ring was an octagonal step-cut blue stone* in a simple Art Deco white gold setting and the asking price was rather a lot less than a pair of new high street shoes. I hummed and hawed and somehow still felt extravagant when I finally took the plunge. But today, I love it as much as I did that first moment. More, in fact, as it has been through a lot with me steadfastly set on my right hand. It looks just as beautiful now, and it still draws endless compliments. And it’s worth very much more than that pair of new shoes which by now would be fit for landfill.

Decades on from that ring purchase, my career in antiques and luxury retail has dovetailed with the FGA qualification from The Gemmological Association in Great Britain to create Cubitt Fine Jewellery.

I hope you find something you love, or something for someone you love, in this collection. 

With best wishes


*A little gem-geekery extra to the story at the top of the page… I was sold the ring as a blue topaz by the very friendly antiques dealer. However since studying gemmology, I have tested it to find it is in fact a synthetic cobalt coloured spinel. These stones have been created in laboratories since the mid 1800s and it’s a beautiful tough gem material, but they are less valuable than natural stones. It showed me that lots of people out there love jewellery but not that many of them know exactly what’s what. Which is why it’s important to buy from somewhere like Cubitt Fine Jewellery where each piece has been professionally assessed and vetted. 

Buying Pre-owned:
the responsible way to buy jewellery

Buying pre-owned jewellery is – quite simply – a thoroughly responsible and sustainable shopping practice. There are none of the ethical dilemmas, nor the often disastrous environmental impact, involved in mining for new metals and stones. The joy and wonder of precious stones and metals is that they have already survived millennia within the earth, and they can continue to do the same above it. In truth, there is probably enough jewellery in existence for us never to buy a new item again.

Making a second-hand purchase can involve elements of uncertainty, which Cubitt Fine Jewellery’s objective is to eliminate. The stones and metals within all our pieces are tested to ensure peace of mind, are professionally cleaned and they come with a one hundred day return period (for more information on this, see our Delivery & Returns page). 

As you will discover, our collection isn’t exclusively antique and includes vintage as well as more recent pieces. However everything we feature has been chosen for its integrity of design and quality of workmanship, meaning you will have a piece that will remain beautiful and wearable for your life and the generations to come.


As well as the collection you’ll find here online, we can also source a piece to your requirements. 

Equally, we can help with your own existing jewellery. If you would like advice on bringing a piece up to a more wearable design, need help with replacement stones or repairs, get in touch and we can discuss your options.

We also offer an consultancy service where we look at your jewellery collection and provide a report of what you have and what it would be worth if you sold it today. This can be particularly helpful for inheritance planning.