Delivery on all orders is £7.95. We currently only ship to addresses within the UK.

We send all UK packages out within 2 working days of your order by Royal Mail Special Delivery which requires a signature. If you need urgent delivery, please email us on

If you would like to send an item overseas please contact us on



We offer a 14 day return period if you decide your piece is not right for you. If want to return your jewellery in this period we’ll give you a full refund as long as it hasn’t been altered or damaged in any way.

If you need to return an item, please contact us beforehand.


Our packaging is responsibly sourced using reusable, recycled and recyclable materials. Our bespoke boxes are made with the express intention that you keep them to use for travel and for the safe storage of your jewellery. 

We package pieces priced under £100 out in our soft grey pouches which again can be used for travel and storage. If you would like a bespoke box for orders under £100, they are available to buy for £4.95.

Gift wrap is also available for £4.95. This is beautiful silver and white paper printed in the UK by traditional British stationery brand, Osity, tied with double-faced grey satin ribbon made in the UK from recycled plastic.

Our tissue, wrapping paper and ribbon are all made in the UK and we hope you will be able to use them again as pretty wrapping for other presents.

We do not include any branding on our exterior packaging to make sure a surprise remains just that.



Buying second-hand jewellery is one of the most sustainable buying decisions you can make.

As you will have seen widely reported, the environmental and social impact of mining of precious metals and gemstones is often devastating. Destruction of habitat, soil erosion, water and ground pollution, child labour, appalling working conditions, governmental corruption and the funding of illegal wars are just some of the consequences. It is worth noting that many businesses work hard to avoid these problems, but even with the best practices mining is still a carbon intensive and habitat destroying process.

The good news for jewellery lovers is that there are vast quantities of beautiful jewellery already in circulation from days previous. And of all things to be recycled, gemstones and precious metals are the most obvious of all. The incredibly durable nature of the materials mean they will outlive us all. Cubitt Fine Jewellery’s aim is to give new life to older pieces and so the journey continues.



Buying preloved is not only the best decision for social and environmental reasons, but it is also a sensible investment. The premium for buying brand new is high – comparable to driving a new car from a showroom. Equally, contemporary more affordable jewellery is often created from gold-plated metals which will not hold their value long term and if badly executed will look shabby very quickly,

Gemstones aside, if the jewellery you buy is made from gold you can be confident that your piece will always have inherent future value. Furthermore a unique antique or vintage piece retains its charm and appeal beyond the changing whims of fashion and its value will hold, if not increase over time.